I Am Potillo


Club Goin Up On A Tuesday (featuring Drake) by iLoveMakonnen.

Can I Love by Logic

20 Lines for the worst 20 seconds, but really it’s 18

1. You swear I’m corny, but I could be serious in a heartbeat. I say show me your heart and I can show you where my mind is. Show me your soul and I can show you where you belong for my dreams defer over you.
2. You say, “things take time..so just be patient,” but how can I be patient when clearly God has placed you in my life for a reason.
3. Your personality is an extensive arm reaching into the likeness fashioned by my father’s irresponsibility and my mother’s tears ripping out the man my mother always knew I would be.
4. Your scars are beautiful. They are deep like the holes in my heart. Like the metaphors bellowing out of my mouth, they speak volumes. They are imperfect enough to make me beg for the rights to your ring finger in hopes of gaining your undying admiration.
5. At times, I feel I bore you yet I have to remember that patience allows forever. That having a heart is a virtue. That hearing your voice is a promise because I guess a real woman respects a man who waits yet to you a man who waits is a coward.
You told me to write you a poem and I wrote you a rhetorical manifesto full of my deepest thoughts and fondest memories of you which festers in my mind like the first time I met you.
6. The first time I met you, I thought Damn she’s beautiful but Got damn, I’m fat. Yes faithful and true.
And with that, I need you to realize I care about you. A lot
7. So much that these words, I hope pierce your heart
8. Did I mention, When I think about you it gets hard for me to speak
11. I am just a Christian boy who continues to look at the scars every man is born with. As I continue to check my sides because it is a reminder of the rib God took from me to create you.
You see the reason I cannot become a Godly man is because the rib God took from me has yet to be returned.
12. I saw my conviction dipped in depression, prayed nightly for God’s forgiveness, asked for a blessing only to wake up to acrylic nails and evocative laughter and those name brand shoes that allow me to notice you from across the room for a woman’s heart must be so hidden in God that I had to seek him to find you.
13. I want to be your friend and your thought partner for black men they say love is impossible but how can something be impossible when it is derived from the word possible.
14. When I asked for someone to love unconditionally or to love me unconditionally, I always pictured god but never one of his angels.
15. The butterflies in my stomach turned to words spewing themselves outward hoping to lift the veil placed upon you by those who betrayed your trust.
16. I will never betray your trust, because it is your trust that I hope to mend into the intricacies of my own heart.
I fathom over your breath like it’s the last thing I’ll ever feel
I am ready to sacrifice my heart in terms of making yours an open
Casket for new life.
17. I love everything about from the blinding uniqueness of your hair to the overly expensive soles of your feet. You are an angel without wings yet a bird who hopes to fly into this open sky called love where you have yet to find a home.
19. I am your home ready to accept you and your blemished discrepancies that contrast with your indescribable beauty for you are a blessing that every man wishes he had
20. I just hope one day you make the right decision and allow me to take your hand cause I always think about you even when I know you don’t think about me