A beat for the homie

Final Version I made

I wish someone was proud of me…

A beat I did for the homie

Just a beat I made awhile back.

Hip Hop and Me right now

Yo I’m in some pretty crazy mindset right now and I decided not to spit so much on the knowledge as I’m learning. My all time goal is to just do me right now and tell the story of Brayon Gerrard Potillo, born on September 23, 1994 to Barbara Ford in Oak Cliff, Texas aka Dallas Texas. He is an all time nerd, all time musician, all time hopeless romantic, all time writer, all time class clown, etc. The game is crazy, but I just will continue with my own sort of anomaly to hip hop. I just really want to be heard. I haven’t even got my set for college so I can DJ here and there and produce a couple of people’s records or whatever. College is a time to find myself and I have 4 years to build an empire. Some of my beats have went into some dope hands but they can go in even doper hands

Damn. .this is the song that gets me in the mood. I really was and still am the guy sitting with an open heart.

"Cause you know, somewhere inside
I cannot find, the feeling I got from you"

Childish Gambino

No homo, but …

Gambino touches my soul…even then I wouldn’t care what people think because I’m a hopeless romantic and these songs speak to me. . Personally and intimately.