I Am Potillo

Dear, World, Women, Love, Confidence, Hate, Future Me, My Dreams, etc.

To  Myself:

I’ve seen you grow from this nice, sensitive pessimistic boy into this slightly confident, optimistic, slightly pessimistic, prideful, smart man. I remember just the other day walking up and down the halls of Skyline High thinking deep, repulsive thoughts about the people around you. You read anime and comic books; everyone else partied and did coke. You blogged about your future with a slight buzz; everyone else posted facebook statuses on how they sucked some dude’s dick at a party they didn’t even know.

Although it may seem like High school was indeed a bad experience, in time you learned how much of a badass you were. You can write your butt off and it can be quite comical and entertaining. You can rap your ass off and people actually acknowledge you. Your beats are hotter than an ass naked still of Hannah Simone. You treat women like women even though they love to tell you that you ain’t shit and other rude phrases, but still you ignore it and keep your head up. I’m sorry confidence you weren’t as mature as you are now, but that’s because you didn’t know as much as you knew now. You occasionally think those thoughts like, “she seems like an amazing woman, I won’t approach her”, but you do it ANY WAY DAMN IT AND I’M PROUD OF YOU. You finally stopped being a pussy.

I know sometimes you hate women, but shit you got to let them mature because you my friend have goals to achieve. I want to see the world and you are the reason why. I remember all those long nights watching anime, just living in this fantasy world where you could be the hero or the one just like those characters. You slept on yourself and your talents and I just want you to know that you can do anything MOTHERFUCKER so grip yo nuts and be ready for anything.


Brayon Potillo

T.O.T.W 3 Sample prod. By me

Another Beat by me


Another beat by me

Another beat of mine

Some Asian girl like me. I think I’m awfully charming and handsome

I may be a momma’a boy but I’m extremely talented and I’m a man haha