I Am Potillo

My Recent creation

My remix of Last Call. I’m on the 2nd verse

Self - Intervention with myself AHAHA

Hello, Brayon Potillo here

I’m 19 years old;soon to be 20 in September. Yes, I’m a LIBRA! I’m hoping to break into the hip hop industry, but mostly I have a fascination with writing that is why I’m bringing you this serious yet comical self-intervention for you all to laugh at. I have a strong fetish for Asian women; I honestly don’t know why (I do actually know why; they are cute chinky eyed goddesses created by God to make me quake at the very site); however, I’m a lonely, miserable writer who wants to be in NYC. Hopefully, I get this editorial job and meet my Asian American wife and we can live happily ever after. The end. Blah Blah Blah.


You ever get tired of being alone…

A beat by me

A beat of mine

A beat by me

A beat by me


What if I never make it?


All I really want is to be loved by some insecure girl who happens to have great taste in music.

I just realized…

I just realized I’m a sad person